The best way to get to experience Lake Tahoe is from the water. It is easy and surprisingly inexpensive to rent a Powerboat, Pontoon Boat, or  Wake Board/Water Ski Boat for as little as One Hour or for Multiple Days. The Ski Run Boat Company has the Largest and Safest fleet of boats on Lake Tahoe. This gives you and your party the chance to see destinations like Emerald Bay, Ski Beach, Sand Harbor and the Rubicon cliffs on your own schedule.

You can bring a picnic lunch or stop by one of the many Restaurants around the Lake. All Boats come fully fueled and equipped with a VHF Radio and Coast Guard approved safety equipment and Life Vests. The Ski Run Boat Company also rents all the accessories you would need to make a great day of boating even better. Choose from Single or Double Tubes, Wakeboards Water Skis and More.


What is the temperature of Lake Tahoe?

Between 62 to 70 degrees from Mid-June 15th through August 1st.

When is your Peak Season?

From Mid-June through Mid-September, we are less busy from May – Early June and again from Late September – End of October

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We require 72 Hours’ Notice before the scheduled reservation date for cancellation with a Full Refund.

What if there is Bad Weather on the day of our Reservation?

If we are unable to operate due to the weather, you would not be obligated to your reservation and you would receive a full refund if you prefer. Otherwise we would assist you with rescheduling to a better day/time.

How much time should we show up before our rental?

30 to 60 Minutes before your scheduled Departure Time.

Are there life jackets on boats?

Yes, for the entire capacity of the vessel, and all required safety equipment is provided as well

What should I bring with me on a Boat Rental?

We recommend bringing a sweatshirt or light jacket, even in the summer, as the wind coming off the lake when you are moving quickly can be chilly. We also recommend bringing food, beverages and anything else you would like to enjoy out on Lake Tahoe. Towels are always a good idea too. Always bring your Cell Phones! They provide valuable information to keep you safe, like your location, and provide your own preferences in music.

Are there stereos for music on the boats?

Yes. Most are Bluetooth Compatible, and all have an Aux input option and an AM/FM Radio.

Are there people that rent boats and jet skis with no boating experience?

Yes. As long as you treat these activities with the same respect as you do with driving a car, they are no more difficult. We will show you everything you need to know to be safe before departing.

Do you need boating experience to rent a boat?

No, but it is encouraged that you at least obtain a State Boater Card to familiarize yourself with boating and waterway procedures.

What should I bring with me on a Jet Ski?

We provide you with life vests and all safety equipment. Bring your Cell Phone in a waterproof case or plastic bag in case of problems and to take pictures

How old do you have to be to Operate a Jet Ski?

You must be 16 years of age with a driver’s license to operate a Jet Ski with Tahoe Sports. Any Jet Ski Operator under the age of 18 can only have a rider who is over the age of 18. A minor cannot be responsible for a minor.

How long is a recommended time to be out on a boat rental?

4 hours is a great length of time to see a number of great things on Lake Tahoe and with our pricing structure, every 4th consecutive hour of rental is free.

If you had to choose between a bigger boat that seats more or choose a boat that seats my group size, what would you recommend?

We would recommend as big of a boat as you feel comfortable with. Also a bigger boat with more room gives you more space to move around and is more comfortable. Would you want to take a road trip in a 5 seater car with 5 people?

Can you wakeboard or water ski behind your boats?

Yes you can wakeboard behind any of our rental boats, except the Silver and Gold Pontoons. Towed activities do take up a lot of power so we recommend you have a person capacity of about 25-50% less than full.

What about Tubing?

You can Tube behind all of our boats, even the Silver and Gold Pontoons.

Wake Surfing?

You can only Wake Surf behind the Wake Surf Boat