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1-Hour Rental
2-Hour Rental
3 or 4-Hour Rental Every 4th Consecutive Hour of Rental is Free!
5-Hour Rental
6-Hour Rental
7 or 8-Hour Rental Every 4th Consecutive Hour of Rental is Free!
2-Day Rentals
3-Day Rentals
4-Day Rentals
5-Day Rentals
6-Day Rentals
7-Day Rentals

Jet Ski Rentals in Lake Tahoe

Enjoy the beautiful waters of Lake Tahoe on our High Output Model Jetskis. This is the perfect jetski for you speed demons!

Reservations can be made for 1 Hour Jet Ski Reservations and Longer!  Fuel is not included in the rental price.

Cancellation Policy: We require at least 72 Hours Notice before the scheduled reservation time for Cancellation with a Full Refund. Additionally, if we are unable to operate due to weather on the day of your scheduled reservation, you are not obligated to it and we can either reschedule or refund it depending on our availability and your schedule.