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South Lake Tahoe Ski Rentals

For convenience and value of ski & snowboard rental packages, you cannot beat the Powder House Ski and Snowboard of South Lake Tahoe.

Please contact us by phone (800) 619-7470 or e-mail us at with any questions you may have regarding Lake Tahoe Ski Rentals and Accessories.

Stop by and “check out” the Very Best Ski and Snowboard Rental Equipment on the Market in South Lake Tahoe.


Ski Rental Prices in USD $. Prices do not include insurance or R.E.F.
Every 4th Consecutive Day FREE. This means day 4, day 8, day 16, etc.

All packages include:
skis, poles, & boots
1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 DaysAdd. DaysOnline Booking
Sport Ski Package$25$50$75FREE$100+ $25 Book Now
Performance Ski Package$32$64$96FREE$128+ $ 32 Book Now
High Performance Ski Package$39$78$117FREE$156+ $39 Book Now
Demo Ski Rentals$45$90$135FREE$180+ $45 Book Now
Super Demo Ski Rentals$50$100$150FREE$200+ $50 Book Now
Super Demo Plus Ski Rentals$70$140$210FREE$280+ $70 Book Now
Snow Blade Ski Rentals$30$60$90FREE$120+ $30 Book Now
Child Ski Rentals$22$44$66FREE$88+ $22 Book Now

Ski Rentals at Our Tahoe Powder House Locations

Powder House At The Gondola
1001 Heavenly Village Way #20
(530) 541-6422

Powder House Main Store
4045 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
(530) 542-6222

Rainbow Mountain Ski & Board
1133 Ski Run Blvd.
(530) 541-7470

Powder House Pioneer Trail
3930 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
(530) 541-6622

Powder House Express
3668 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
(530) 542-1031

Lakeland Village
3535 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
(530) 544-1685

Forest Suites
1 Lake Parkway
(530) 541-6655

Powder House Demo Center
1001 Heavenly Village Way #15
(530) 541-3649

Powder House Stateline
4125 Lake Tahoe Blvd #K
(530) 600-3660



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